We will inspire by example, through setting ever-higher goals, achieving more demanding targets and regarding excellence as a staring point – not an end.

We will clearly identify the future potential of brands and assets – and define clear methodologies for maintaining and enhancing their value to investors, our end users and ourselves.

We will dedicate world leading creative minds and skills to the on-going goal of refining and enhancing product quality and brand value.

Through extensive research and maintaining exacting standards, we will be rigorously discerning in our selection of investments. Only brands and assets that are compatible with our luxury criteria will be considered. As appropriate, we will offer our expertise in brand and asset development with the aim of further enhancing value and prestige when so required.

We will say what we mean and mean what we say. We will be unwavering in the commitment to deliver on every promise in full. We know that reputations are built on results. Thus, those who deal with GIO will be assured of transparency and trust.

We know that success goes to the swift and decisive. Speed, however, must never be confused with haste. Our financial resources and independence allow us to act while others hesitate. Our discipline, discernment and expertise assure that decisions are made with intelligence and due consideration.

We will recognise and value the humanity of all associates. We will nurture talent, reward initiative, foster loyalty and encourage personal growth.

We know that trust is something that must be earned each second of every day. We will do this by choosing ‘right’ over expedience and by staying true to our ethics and values, both individual and corporate.