What is Phishing?
Phishing attacks use spoofed E-MAILS and FRAUDULENT WEBSITES to fool recipients into revealing personal information. By using trusted brands/names of well-known companies phishers attempt to dupe innocent consumers & business fund seekers into revealing their personal information. Phishing schemes are typically delivered via forged e-mail and fraudulent websites, purporting to come from trusted brands.

Who are these Phishers?
They are criminals and organized crime syndicates who are trying to steal your personal information in order to use it for their financial gain.

Protect yourself from Phishers! Don’t get lured in!

If the e-mail OR the website looks “phishy” call the company that claims to have sent you the e-mail to verify its authenticity. Look up the phone number on your own and do not trust any numbers supplied by the e-mail OR on the phishing website without verifying them.
DO NOT respond to requests for personal information via e-mail or fill any online form at fraudulent/phishing websites.
NEVER trust hyperlinks in e-mails or on the phishing websites, claiming falsely to be a part of company’s genuine website.

Do Report Phishing Website
If you encounter any phishing website claiming to be a part of GIO or of the Group, please report it to us at phishingAlert@gio.ae.

It has come to our attention that the ‘Galadari’ name & its Group name has been misused by unauthorized individuals for fraudulent purposes. We are taking these matters extremely seriously and working with authorities to investigate such scams and prosecute the perpetrators.

If you receive a communication from our Group, its principals, or persons claiming to represent them and you think it is suspicious, please contact us at phishingAlert@gio.ae.

• NEVER reveal personal information to an unverified recipient/person.